How does Sharebico work?

1. Registration in minutes - quickly and easily create a profile for yourself or your company.

2. Increase your Sharebico credibility (optional) - add links to your social media profiles, your friends and colleagues, to prove your identity and credibility of what you share.

3. Explore the platform and start sharing! Think about what you have to offer or what you need from others. Easily and conveniently share what you own or find what you need.

What is Sharebico?

Sharebico is a platform designed to fully promote the new sharing economy. The Sharebico platform is a place where supply and demand meet in various fields. There is currently no single platform that covers all segments of a single-site sharing economy.

It is currently possible to promote the sharing of office space in the form of vacant offices, classrooms; hiring of human resources from various fields such as design, programming, administration, help at home.

In the near future, the platform will expand significantly to other areas such as equipment sharing (cameras, navigation, drones and other equipment), transportation and parking spaces, as well as accommodation.

The biggest value of the Sharebico platform is that it will evolve as users develop it with their supply and demand

Who is the Sharebico platform for?

The biggest advantage of the Sharebico platform is that it is intended for everyone.

From individuals to large companies; from those looking for help with the house cleaning or a designer looking for extra engagement within the time available, to companies that have vacant offices available that want to optimize costs or have an additional project, so they need programming workers for a limited time.