FUE hair transplant operations
Çankaya, İnönü Cd. no 546, Konak/İzmir, Turkey
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Why is this treatment done?Hair transplantation is applied to solve the problem of regional baldness and hair thinning caused by hair loss. It can also be applied to eyebrow, beard and moustache areas.
Will I have any scars after FUE hair transplantation in Turkey?No, the procedure is performed through very thin punches. A small hole up to 1mm in size is left where your hair has been taken, using the best tools. The holes will usually heal over in 7-10 days, but it could be sooner. The procedure is minimally invasive, so you don’t need to worry about scarring at all. The small scars will be buried in your hair so you cannot see them.
Will I experience pain during operation?The operation is performed under local anesthesia so you will not feel any pain during operation. You may feel a little pain during the anesthesia injections which is gone in a few minutes.
Does transplanted hair fall again in the future?No, it stays rest of your life. The transplanted hair is taken from back of your head which area is not sensitive to balding process.
When can I go back to normal life?You may go back to your normal life right after the operation but avoid strenuous activity for one month.
What are the risks of the operation?Numbness, swelling, headache might occur after operation which are temporary.